Leadership Awakeners


Person who fosters the blossoming of new ideas and the exploration of untapped potential.



For more than two decades, I have been cultivating untapped leadership potential, bringing leaders to the next level. As a coach, facilitator and training designer, nothing makes me happier than seeing someone’s eyes light up after helping them find a solution to their challenge.

I have gained a deep expertise through managing learning projects, facilitating training workshops, coaching leaders, and designing custom development programs. As a result, I have created pragmatic and playful models that help empower leaders. Because thinking differently is essential to do more with less in today’s leadership world.

Offering a human-centered learning experience, my interactive workshops generate understanding and inspiration in real-life setting, taking it steps further from traditional knowledge-acquiring methods.

As a leadership awakener, I am proud to own a proven track record of stimulating change and fostering engagement to achieve far-reaching results. My approaches and methods are tailored to each organization’s needs for optimized changes.

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