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The LeaderZone approach

Concrete solutions that are far from miracle recipes

Personalized approach

We aim to help you develop altruistic, engaging, and effective leadership through our unique vision where leaders evolve and learn in action. vision unique où les leaders évoluent et apprennent dans l’action.

Our approach is based on...
...a dynamic, results-oriented path.
...pragmatic content that is easy to apply.
...a fun approach that promotes knowledge retention.

Dynamic course

Our mentality is that a training course offered in several workshops will always be more effective than an intensive day of learning. Why? Because the level of knowledge retention is much higher - and so are the results!

- Modular course adapted to the organizational culture.
- Performance-oriented learning objectives and a coherent thread.
- A steady pace over a longer period to allow for evolutionary development.
- Customized to the hierarchical level, nature of the work and size of the group.
Integration of workshops, conferences, co-development, individual coaching, or self-learning

Pragmatic content

Our tools are concrete and realistic. We don't sell a quick fix; we are invested in your leaders' success. Our pragmatic approach moves you toward your goals.

- Content rooted in science and connected to reality.
- Based on proven, practical models.
- Tools, lots of tools: questionnaires, explanatory models, processes, charts, checklists, etc.
- Speakers who master the art of popularization and individual or group coaching.
Integration of workshops, conferences, co-development, individual coaching, or self-learning

Fun approach

Forget about long training sessions where the minutes go by too slowly. We create interactive workshops and trainings for your leaders based on introspection and the achievement of specific competencies.

- 2, 3 or 6 hour workshops, virtual or face-to-face.
- Interactive and dynamic activities: experiential games, debates, quizzes, surveys, simulations, etc.
- Moments of introspection: analysis of real cases, individual or small group reflection, action planning, etc.
- Following each module, assignments connected to operations and feedback on results.

Customized packages

Can't find the perfect combination?

No problem! We can tailor a program to specifically meet the needs of your organization.

Contact us to discover the benefits of a package tailored to your organizational culture and learning context.


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