Having a playful and experiential approach, in groups or one-to-one, in simplicity, calm, caring and active listening, I lead you to explore your Being and find your way..

For me, Being is the essence of every human. My quest, which results from it, is to allow you to deploy all that you need to give yourself this right to Be.

First, this quest translates concretely into helping you get to know and discover yourself better by raising awareness of your behavioural patterns, your perception of others and your system of beliefs in specific contexts (as at work, in team meetings, during a discussion with a partner or colleague or friend, family, etc.).

Secondly, to find the strategies and ways of doing things that suit you and reflect your image, in all authenticity, to move forward towards your professional and personal goals.

I saw a major change take place in my life the day I decided to Be : aligned and consistent with my perception of life, my posture, my dreams, and my projects.

  • Self-discovery and deployment of one's wings (professionally and personally)
  • Support for people who feel different and who have trouble finding their place (in business or in life)
  • Youth, entrepreneur, and coach mentoring
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