Coach, trainer, speaker, HR advisor: I offer personalized training enhanced with different learning strategies (introspection, tangible tools, sharing of good practices, interactive workshops) as much as follow-ups in the form of individual coaching or for small groups, to accelerate the transition from reflection to action.

Participants from various industries and various levels in the organization often mention how they appreciate the rigor of my programs, my creativity and my dynamic delivery. Constructive transformations are a driving force in my practice and I have a deep respect for people and organizations that dare to invest in their development and spread their wings.

Nelson Mandela sums it up quite well: “I never lose, I either win or learn. » Over the years, I have consolidated expertise in the following areas:

  • Support managers in the development of agile skills that promote contemporary leadership;
  • Offer practical strategies to navigate change management and the disruptions it generates;
  • Enable better collaboration within teams and develop more effective means of communication;
  • Carry out organizational diagnostics to identify the main improvement opportunities (mobilization, collaboration, performance, hybrid world, for example), to then support the teams in place in designing action plans and follow-ups.

Whether in a group, individually, face-to-face or virtually, I look forward to being part of your development journey!

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