By placing altruism at the heart of the learning experience, my interventions as a speaker, coach, instructional designer, and trainer are recognized for their dynamism and pragmatism. Nothing is more gratifying to me than seeing leaders' eyes light up after helping them identify solutions to their difficult situations.

For more than 20 years, I have been cultivating the untapped potential of managers to take them further in their ability to engage high-performance teams. My support allows them a deep understanding of what it takes to deploy modern leadership in their organizations.

To mobilize these leaders and their teams, I created simplified and playful learning models. This allows me to drive them to think and do differently to maintain a balance between performance and well-being, their reality today.

As a leadership awakener serving organizations, I am delighted that my expertise can stimulate change and foster commitment. The leaders I accompany manage to obtain far-reaching twists that leave a mark of growth on their teams and the results.

Looking forward to connecting with you and your leaders and supporting you in optimizing their capabilities.

  • Design and management of tailor-made andragogical programs
  • Facilitation of workshops and conferences, awakening the modern leadership
  • Executive coaching and support for political and strategic positioning
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