Accompanying leaders to discover themselves and progress, to build on their strengths to evolve fascinates me. I like to see them question themselves, make important reflections and change their ways of doing things. I am delighted when the teams observe each other, grasp the complementarity of their differences, and realize the contribution of each to the success of the group and the organization.

I have an inclusive approach where reflection and learning are at the forefront... in the fun. I am recognized for my authenticity, my positive energy, and my accessibility.

With more than 25 years of experience as a practitioner and expert in human resources management and leadership development, I have held leadership positions in organizations. Today, I play a strategic advisory role by facilitating, among other things, human and authentic leadership development programs. In terms of training, team building and coaching, my approach is structured, adaptable to the context and based on proven tools. My clients and coachees are called upon to identify their vision of the issues and expected results, to draw an accurate portrait of their current situation and to determine the gaps to be filled in order to achieve the results.

  • Leadership development programs
  • Leadership coaching
  • Organizational development, organizational diagnosis, climate diagnosis and strategic planning
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