Managing priorities for leaders

In a world where speed is an essential condition for success, leaders are called to align their actions with a clear purpose and focus on what is essential.

Realizing the great overload of work, they need to evaluate and prioritize their daily operations and, above all, to put in place tools to improve the management of their multiple responsibilities and positively impact their wellbeing.

This development path supports leaders to:

Align their actions with their purpose and focus on the essentials
Evaluate and prioritize daily operations
Work differently to promote their well-being and optimize their performance

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The LeaderZone Approach

  • Our workshops are appreciated for their dynamism and their self-reflective dimension. They are designed to allow participants to explore, to exchange with their colleagues and coach in a constructive way, to learn and to commit to action.
  • This is ensured by using various techniques, such as simplified scientific models, inspiring stories, self-reflection exercises, discussions (in large groups, in small teams or in pairs), analysis of real cases, demonstrations, auto-diagnostics, experiments, debates or mini games.
  • During a workshop, some post-training missions are suggested and the participants are invited to identify concrete actions that they will put in place to ensure the transfer of learning in their daily lives and achieve the desired results.

  • Adaptable content to your reality and your needs
  • Learning-track format to drive a long-term transfer of skills
  • 2 or 3 hours per workshop
  • Every 2 or 3 weeks
  • An optimal cohort of 12 participants
  • Virtual, in person, hybrid or comodal
  • Self-reflective activities, concrete transferable tools, and post-training missions
  • High level of interaction and coaching-style facilitation
  • Integrating the LeaderZone platform is recommended for sustained learning throughout the program (activities between workshops))

The content in brief

Workshop 1.
Aware of my perception of time

  • My wheel of balance, making choices
  • The laws of time and their impact on my perceptions
  • Procrastination, trap or ally
  • Impact of time on my stress and my personal balance
  • The culture of punctuality in the team

Workshop 2.
Aware of my priorities

  • The priority matrix (inspired by the Eisenhower model)
  • My time wasters
  • Myths or realities related to daily management
  • Practical operational tips
  • Constructively negotiate exaggerated requests


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