The B❒X - A playful reflective workshop

We often hear the line “think outside the box”. It's a way to push yourself to move from status quo to action. However, we are never told what the box really is?

Based on our experiences and lessons from the past, we have created shortcuts and ways to stay safe and achieve success. It allowed us to establish strategies to evolve but also boundaries to protect ourselves.

In fact, the box is simply our mindset, our operating system, our beliefs, our habits.

Jimbo Clark, creator of “The B❒X”, wanted to take people further into the action, based on the fact that every change starts with a change of mentality.

To explore our box is to transform the invisible into visible, the unconscious into conscious and the impossible into reachable.

“The B❒X” workshop helps you:

  • Become aware of and unravel your current challenges in a playful and creative setting.
  • Turn unconscious biases into conscious choices.
  • Create concrete and impactful actions.
  • Take advantage of collective intelligence by sharing your discoveries and creations.

This fun and constructive tool can be used in different development contexts:

  • Unblock any obstacle that prevents you from moving forward.
  • Advance a project.
  • Promote team building.
  • Manage conflicts between two people or within a team.
  • Revisit your leadership and its impact on your team and your operations.
  • Facilitate a career transition.
  • Help entrepreneurs develop their practice or their business and put in place an adequate business plan.

Your certified “The box” facilitator: Hiba El-Khal

  • Hiba is a professional coach, coaching trainer and facilitator of personal development workshops.
  • She accompanies her coachees to achieve their personal or professional goals with kindness and in a climate of calm that is unique to her.
  • She transmits her passion by simplifying the concepts and transmitting them in a logical and playful way.
  • Hiba is accredited by the International Coaching Federation and is a The BOX certified facilitator.



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